Cold & Hot Entrées

Soup of the Day

Seafood Soup
the taste of America
    entree M/C
Saganaki Prawns
Succulent Australian prawns with piquant tomato sauce & fetta cheese
    1/2 doz doz
Oysters Naturale

  $22.00 $34.00
    1/2 doz doz
Oysters Kilpatrick

  $24.00 $37.00
    1/2 doz doz
Chefs Oysters

  $24.00 $37.00
Louisianna Crab Cakes
with spicy tomato relish

Salt & Pepper Calamari
with roast garlic mayonaise

    entree M/C
Garlic Prawns
Succulent Australian prawns cooked Cork & Cleaver style

  $24.00 $45.00
    entree M/C
Southern Style Chicken
with honey mustard mayoniasse and cashews

  $19.50 $36.00
    entree M/C
Red Beef Curry & Pappadam
with aromatic jasmine rice

  $18.00 $35.00
Baked Avocado
with cheese & cashews

All main courses served with Paked Potato and Sour Cream

On The Side
Panfried Mushrooms $13.00
Panfried Vegetables $9.50
Panfried Onions $9.50
Garlic Bread (for two) $8.00
Bowl of Chips $8.50

Greek, Italian, French, Roquefort
Ideal for starters or to share

Pepper, Dianne, Bearnaise, Mushrooms, Barbecue,
All $6.50 each

Please mention this menu when booking